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Household Insecticides

Insecticide is a form of pesticide that's specifically used to kill insects, and is available in various forms and strengths. Some are designed for an insect to ingest. Others are sprayed at them, and are known as aerosol insecticides.


Aerosols (Spray):



King coils are powerful with a deep reach formula to knock down even hidden mosquitoes in your home.

Repellent Mat:

EMD Cordless:

ZeroMoss Skin Repellent:

ZeroMoss Skin Repellents are especially formulated to protect your exposed skin from biting insects like mosquitoes, mites and ticks which are a part of our environment. Whether we are sitting indoor, working outdoor and even travelling, we are potentially exposed to these harmful insects. Certain colors and textures of clothing and, even the odor from soaps, perfumes, and fabric care products attract mosquitoes and other biting flies. ZeroMoss repellents will provide best Beauty & Personal Care protection from biting insects and mites with a soft, non sticky, nourishing and pleasant odour. Available in oil and lotion forms.

Insect Powder:

Rat Killer:

Liquid Spray:

Ze'Roach Gel: